How to Help Someone Who Suffers From Hoarding


如果你认识这样的人 患有囤积, you may be struggling to find ways to help them. 

囤积症 是一种严重的 心理健康状况 where a person excessively saves items or has persistent difficulty getting rid of or parting with their possessions. This behaviour leads to clutter that can significantly disrupt the living abilities of the person and their family. 同样,它也会引起 紧张和冲突 对每个人来说,. 最后, it makes the home a breeding ground for dust and bacteria that can lead to physical health issues if it’s not dealt with. 

囤积症会把家里弄得一团糟, 和潜在的危险, state that leaves loved ones longing for a clean and happy home again. 


If you’re looking for ways to help someone who is 患有囤积, the first step is to accept that they have a problem, 同时接受你 不能强迫他们好起来吗

The best thing you can do for them is to provide a 支持和同理心的环境 that encourages them to begin their journey to recovery. 


A great way to begin helping someone who is 患有囤积 is to take a moment to assess your own behaviour. Reflect on anything that you might be doing to 使他们的行为



Are you saving magazines or newspapers to give to the person 患有囤积 disorder? 

Are you paying for subscriptions that may be providing them with more stuff? 

Have you been helping them find extra space to store items in the house or paying for a storage unit for more space?

Create a list of ways you might be accommodating the hoarding disorder behaviour. It’s also important that you adjust your behaviour in 小而可管理的步骤

Changing your behaviour drastically might impact the person 患有囤积 disorder negatively.  

Educate Yourself 万博maxbetx官网手机登录 Hoarding Disorder

囤积症 可能没有意义 给一个没有这种病的人. 

花时间去 尽你所能学习 about the condition can help you understand the 恐惧和焦虑 that is associated with hoarding disorder. 

因此,你将能够 提供更多的同情和支持. This will allow you to recognize the small victories that occur as well. 


讨论囤积症 开放接受的方式 将使每个人受益. 

Respecting the person’s attachment to the items is an important step in being able to create a supportive environment. 从囤积杂物的抽屉

Recovering from hoarding disorder is not a straight line; They may be improving one minute and then seem like they are getting worst the next. 

Being able to openly discuss how hoarding disorder 影响每个人 involved will continue to help someone in their recovery. 

帮助他们组织 & 启动清理过程

Helping the person 患有囤积 disorder sort through their belongings will make more of an impact than doing it for them. 

It is common for others to get rid of items without the person who is 患有囤积 disorder’s knowledge. 

此外,重要的是你 不拿他们的东西.  

这种行为弊大于利. 就像大多数的心理健康问题一样 can’t expect someone to make any progress if you are forcing them to make changes when they are not ready. 


Finding Treatment for Hoarding Disorder

囤积被认为是一种 心理健康问题.

Therefore, it can be treated in much the same way as other 心理健康状况s.

帮助别人 寻求治疗 is important but can be intimidating for them. Again, forcing them into treatment is not the right course of action. 

做你自己的研究和 向他们提供信息, so they can make the decision for themselves. 

How Can Enviropure Help with Hoarding Cleanup?

Cleaning up the clutter created by someone who is 患有囤积 disorder is almost always 对一个人来说太多了 照顾. 

When they are ready to take this step in their journey to recovery, Enviropure home services is here to help. 多年来 经验和广泛的培训, our crews are ready to assist in any way they can with the 囤积清理过程. After helping with with hoarding cleanup, we always recommend doing a 深层清洁 of the house as well since it hasn’t been done in years in many cases. 

From clearing out space to cleaning and sanitizing the rooms, let Enviropure take care of all the steps involved in returning your home back to a healthy living space. 

万博maxbetx官网 to begin the process of reclaiming your home! 

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